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Trading Platforms & Tools



There are many platforms available online, I think you could easily find around 50 different companies offering you away to trade the currency market, but be aware there are a lot of scams in the market that will run away with you money, stick to the most well know and you should be ok.

Product 1 - Forex Web Trader


Minimum trading deposit of $25
Maximum $50,000
Wire Transfere & Credit card
Downloadable: excellent

Our Rating

The best one amongst the hordes... Free to open an account, and perfect for first time traders. The company is backed by solid people and run be a staff of over 200. One click trading with 3 pip spreads. The thing they are missing is a demo account, but you are able to get started for only $25 which is among the lowest online. Again this is the top choice and the one I would start with if I was a beginner

Product 2 - Easy-Forex


Mini Account:
$25 Margin, 10 pip Spread.
Gold account:
$500 Margin, 7 pip Spread.
Platinum Account:
$2500 Margin, 5 pip Spread
Wire transfer form
Downloadable: excellent

Our Rating

One of the big rollers in the market, they really do some heavy promotions to get customers. The company is solid and do have a great support system. I have not had any problems so far dealing with them. A thing to bear in mind is that the company has a "price freeze" option, which might be too good to be true... Will just have to wait and see. But as a trading platform it is well worth a try



Product 3 - Etoro


Credit card
Minimum single deposit limit is $50
Maximum single deposit is $1,000
Ninimum single deposit of $500
Maximum single deposit limit of $5,000
Wire transfer form
Downloadable: excellent

Our Rating

This is a pretty new platforms that is one of the most user friendly I have ever seen, their interface is somewhat a little childish, but perfect for beginners wanting to get into the fx marketing game. You can run multiple trades simultaneously and flip back and forth between them as you make or lose your money. Here you also have the ability to trade for fun just to get the hang of it before you dive into it with real money. This is very welcoming new participant in the forex game.

Product 4 - Coming Soon

Credit card
Minimum single deposit limit is $50
Maximum single deposit is $1,000
Ninimum single deposit of $500
Maximum single deposit limit of $5,000
Wire transfer form
Downloadable: excellent

Our Rating




Managed Accounts

Dont want to trade yourself? get some one else to manage your money.

Product 1 - Profinancialfx


Professionally managed by a team of Forex traders

Funds are in your name and in your personal account - Only you have access to the fundsnds

Monitor the trading activity with your own personal login ID

Add and withdraw funds at anytime and in any amounts - 100% Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
Cancel at any time

Trade out of an IRA or other qualified plan to minimize tax liability

Our Rating

Product 2 - Elite e services



Login to your account and track our progress daily, weekly, monthly, or as you see fit

Withdraw and deposit funds regularly

Less requirements for clients to qualify


* May not be suitable for large investors who want to diversify


Our Rating


You need to learn before you dive into the Forex market if you really want to make a lot of cash. Here are a couple courses that will get you from novice to advanced in a couple weeks. well worth the money if you want to succeed.

Product 1


Price: $149


Introduction to the Forex Market - The Basics, A-Z

Why is Forex Trading So Popular Today

Key Participants and Market Movers

Forex Trading Terminology and Explanations

The Basics of Technical and Fundamental Analysis

How to Identify Optimal Entry and Exit Points from Chart Reading

Essential Risk and Money Management Techniques

Intelligent Trade Decision Making and Confidence Building

How to Become a Successful Forex Trader

Why Trade the Forex Market?

Largest Market in the World - Trades Approximately $1.9 Trillion* Daily

Open 24 Hours a Day, from Sunday 5 PM EST to Friday 4:30 PM EST

Trading 5 Major Currencies is Much Simpler Than Choosing Between 8000 Stocks

Highly Trending Market

Major Banks & Hedge Funds have been profiting from FX for decades. Recent developments enable retail traders to participate and take advantage of this market.

Guarantee: excellent

Our Rating

The 4X Apprentice™ is an Online Course, designed with the novice in mind. Students quickly learn how to trade effectively and profitably in the foreign exchange market. Registrants in our proprietary learning program receive comprehensive lessons, resources, assignments and quizzes.

Product 2 - Profits Run


Price: $397


hired a full time operations staff to help me make sure my students are successful.

Lifetime access to the Quantum Swing Trader Members Website where you can get the latest trade examples, bonuses, and Profit Feeder stocks.

The Head Start Guide & Videos that let you get a "jump start" on learning Quantum Swing Trader the instant you place your order.

The Quick Start Guide that explains how to use everything that arrives in the big, 6-pound box that will be rushed to your doorstep.

Bonus: Introduction to Options CD-ROM video tutorial from our friends at the Options University.

Bonus: Mental Fitness for Traders CD-ROM digital book from former CTA Norman Hallett.

Bonus: Over one month free service of my Profit Feeder service, so you can get "spoon fed" a daily list of stocks that meet the Quantum Swing Trader search criteria.

Bonus: Profit Pulling Swing Trading Principles. This is my 57-page report that answers the top 17 questions about swing trading that I collected from a survey sent out to over 20,000 traders.

Limited Bonus: Personal phone call with me, Bill Poulos (first 25 students only).

Limited Bonus: Rapid Fire Swing Trading course (first 100 students only).

Limited Bonus: 12 month free subscription to Acharta charting service (first 125 students only).

Limited Bonus: 15 Digital Trading Reports From My Personal "Wealth Archive", and you get to keep these as my personal gift, even if you return the course.

Guarantee: 6 months

Our Rating

Quantum Swing Trader is a complete step-by-step trading course designed specifically for end-of-day stock traders.
It reveals a trading method that shows you how to find those points where the market will jump up or down, and teaches specific tactics to take advantage of this huge moves for big potential profits.

It includes a 125-page manual, 9 CD-ROMs, 2 trading blueprints, and a special book for beginner traders.




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