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Why FOREX Trading?

By Gay Redmile

FOREX (foreign exchange) trading is the buying and selling of currencies. Currencies are always bought and sold in pairs. As a forex trader you are speculating that the currency you are buying is going to go up in value and the currency you are selling will go down in value, in the near future.

Different countries use different currencies - which vary in their values against each other. FOREX trading involves the buying and selling of two currencies - trading pairs - you are selling one and buying another eg you may use the US dollar to purchase British pounds.

Why should you choose to trade in currencies rather than stocks or commodities?

The FOREX market is the most liquid financial market in the world - around 1.9 trillion dollars traded everyday. The commodities market trades around 440 billion dollars a day, and the US stock market trades around 200 billion dollars a day. This ensures better trade execution and prevents market manipulation.

You can also trade FOREX from anywhere. Have laptop will trade! You can undertake forex trading while sitting at home, in an internet cafe - or on beach! All you need is the internet, some time - and you're doing online forex trading.

Trading Times The FOREX market is open 24/7 - enabling you to choose the best time for YOU to trade.

Minimum investment You don't need a large amount of capital to get started. You will need to open an account with an online forex broker. Many now offer mini forex trading accounts that require a deposit of only $200 - $500. Even with a small amount to invest you can still make good returns.

Trading costs the best part about FOREX trading, is that it is done using a margin. That is, you don't need the full amount to buy a currency. A Forex trader can buy $100,000.00 with just $1,000.00. This allows FOREX traders to make huge profits with minimal investment.

There are no brokerage fees.

Another great feature of FOREX trading is that, once you understand the market, it demands very little of your time. So - more time to relax and think about how to spend your income.

FOREX trading strategies - you will need to undertake some FOREX trading education -this may be in the form of a FOREX trading course- before you embark on your FOREX currency trading future! Several trading companies provide free information online. Also seek out books, training, news, charting services and mentoring - all offered online.

FOREX trading can be a risky business, however you can reduce the risk by following the best trading strategy, and ensuring you know the right time to enter and exit the market.

BUT - with some research, skill and luck you will succeed with FOREX TRADING!

Gay Redmile is the webmaster of several finance and investment sites. Having been a trader for most of her adult life she understands the importance of undertaking research and knowing the market - before you start trading! For more invaluable information, and the latest Forex news and articles - visit her site at
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