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A Mini-Guide To The Managed Forex Account

By Dan Ho

A managed forex account is forex made easy. It is especially tailored for those investors who do not have the time or desire to monitor their own forex account. Many different companies offer these accounts to their clients. A managed forex account is often chosen by individuals who wish to take advantage of the high liquidity and high profitability of the forex market without taking the time to "learn" forex trading.

The world of forex trading is highly complicated and success requires education and familiarity with terms, charts, signals and indicators. With a managed forex account, the investor can rely on someone who is already familiar with and successful in the forex world.

One type of managed forex account utilizes robots to trade the investors account. To the investor, no human hand means that there will be no emotional trades. These automated systems are designed by experienced traders and take into account all the indicators and statistics of any good forex trading system to signal the robot to trade. This is really forex made easy.

Another type of managed forex account attempts to take the difficulty out of self-trading by allowing the investor to employ a professional trader to make the trades. These accounts remain solely in the individual investor's name, meaning that money can be withdrawn at any time, unlike conventional stock trading. In other words, a managed forex account is not merely combining one investor's money with numerous other investors' money to obtain results. These managed forex accounts are actively traded by individuals for individuals. Forex made easy for individuals.

Perhaps you are looking for forex, but you wish to trade your account yourself, for fun or as a hobby. Without a managed account, you must follow all the rules of successful forex trading. Forex education is absolutely necessary. There is no way to trade a forex account successfully without education because this is a complex financial undertaking. In fact, professional advice is highly recommended. Try a "demo" account, before you invest real money. Software, seminars, daily newsletters and much more is available for the new trader. If you are not looking for a managed forex account, you are not really looking for forex made easy. You are looking for the tools needed to maximize your chances of success.

Forex trading is a risky business. According to statistics, only 5-10% of new traders make it through their first six months with their initial investment intact. Even less make a profit. A managed forex account is a way to reduce the risk and increase the profit.

More information about opening a forex account and other currency trading educational material can be found at


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